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CPCE investigators are international experts in their clinical effectiveness-related fields, and have authored hundreds of pediatric research articles in leading peer-reviewed journals. From here you can access CPCE journal article abstracts by author, title, or year.

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Cahen VC, Li Y, Getz KD, et al. "Identifying relapses and stem cell transplants in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia using administrative data: Capturing national outcomes irrespective of trial enrollment." Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2020:e28315.
Calderón TA, Coffin SE, Sammons JS. "Preventing the Spread of Pertussis in Pediatric Healthcare Settings." J Pediatric Infect Dis Soc. 2015;4(3):252-9.
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Callahan KP, Flibotte J, Skraban C, et al. "Influence of Genetic Information on Neonatologists' Decisions: A Psychological Experiment." Pediatrics. 2022.
Calle-Toro JS, Maya CL, Emad-Eldin S, et al. "Morphologic and functional evaluation of duplicated renal collecting systems with MR urography: A descriptive analysis." Clin Imaging. 2019;57:69-76.
Calle-Toro JS, Serai SD, Hartung EA, et al. "Magnetic resonance elastography SE-EPI vs GRE sequences at 3T in a pediatric population with liver disease." Abdom Radiol (NY). 2019;44(3):894-902.
Calle-Toro JS, Back SJ, Maya C, Shukla AR, Darge K, Otero HJ. "Identification and characterization of calyceal diverticula with MR urography (MRU) in children." Abdom Radiol (NY). 2020.
Calle-Toro JS, Barrera CA, Khrichenko D, Otero HJ, Serai SD. "R2 relaxometry based MR imaging for estimation of liver iron content: A comparison between two methods." Abdom Radiol (NY). 2019.
Campbell KA, Wood JN, Lindberg DM, Berger RP. "A standardized definition of near-fatal child maltreatment: Results of a multidisciplinary Delphi process." Child Abuse Negl. 2020;112:104893.
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Canelón SP, Burris HH, Levine LD, Boland MRegina. "Development and evaluation of MADDIE: Method to Acquire Delivery Date Information from Electronic health records." Int J Med Inform. 2020;145:104339.
Cantu E, Shah RJ, Lin W, et al. "Oxidant stress regulatory genetic variation in recipients and donors contributes to risk of primary graft dysfunction after lung transplantation." J. Thorac. Cardiovasc. Surg.. 2015;149(2):596-602.
Cape A, Tuomala RE, Taylor C, Puopolo KM. "Peripartum bacteremia in the era of group B streptococcus prophylaxis." Obstet Gynecol. 2013;121(4):812-8.
Caplan H, Srivastava T, Feemster KA. "Perspectives on State Vaccine Education Mandate Policy and Implementation among Public Health Department Officials: A Qualitative Study." Hum Vaccin Immunother. 2019.
Capucilli P, Cianferoni A, Grundmeier RW, Spergel JM. "Comparison of comorbid diagnoses in children with and without eosinophilic esophagitis in a large population." Ann. Allergy Asthma Immunol.. 2018.
Capucilli P, Kennedy K, Lee J, Grundmeier RW, Spergel JM. "Accidental vs New Food Allergy Reactions in a Pediatric Emergency Department." J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract. 2018.
Cardenas A, Faleschini S, Hidalgo ACortes, et al. "Prenatal maternal antidepressants, anxiety, and depression and offspring DNA methylation: epigenome-wide associations at birth and persistence into early childhood." Clin Epigenetics. 2019;11(1):56.
Carpenter MA, Hoberman A, Mattoo TK, et al. "The RIVUR trial: profile and baseline clinical associations of children with vesicoureteral reflux." Pediatrics. 2013;132(1):e34-45.
Carr BG, Nance ML, Branas CC, et al. "Unintentional firearm death across the urban-rural landscape in the United States." J Trauma Acute Care Surg. 2012;73(4):1006-10.
Carroll R, Wood JN. "Sudden Unexpected Infant Death: A Compassionate Forensic Approach to Care." Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine. 2013;13(3):239-248.
Casilang CG, Stonbraker S, Japa I, et al. "Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Mobile Health in Development of an Exclusive Breastfeeding Tool: Focus Group Study With Caregivers and Health Promoters in the Dominican Republic." JMIR Pediatr Parent. 2020;3(2):e20312.
Castleberry CD, Jefferies JL, Shi L, et al. "No Obesity Paradox in Pediatric Patients With Dilated Cardiomyopathy." JACC Heart Fail. 2018;6(3):222-230.
Castleberry C, Ziniel S, Almond CS, et al. "Clinical practice patterns are relatively uniform between pediatric heart transplant centers: A survey-based assessment." Pediatr Transplant. 2017.
Cevallos PC, Rose MJ, Armsby LB, et al. "Implementation of Methodology for Quality Improvement in Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization: A Multi-center Initiative by the Congenital Cardiac Catheterization Project on Outcomes-Quality Improvement (C3PO-QI)." Pediatr Cardiol. 2016.
Cevallos PC, Armstrong AK, Glatz AC, et al. "Radiation dose benchmarks in pediatric cardiac catheterization: A prospective multi-center C3PO-QI study." Catheter Cardiovasc Interv. 2017;90(2):269-80.