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Ananth P, Melvin PR, Feudtner C, Wolfe J, Berry JG. "Hospital Use in the Last Year of Life for Children With Life-Threatening Complex Chronic Conditions." Pediatrics. 2015;136(5):938-46.
Kenyon CC, Palakshappa D, Feudtner C. "Logic Models--Tools to Bridge the Theory-Research-Practice Divide." JAMA Pediatr. 2015;169(9):801-2.
Lantos JD, Feudtner C. "Muddled measures of risks and misremembered reasons." Hastings Cent Rep. 2015;45(3):4-5.
Ragsdale L, Zhong W, Morrison WE, et al. "Pediatric exposure to opioid and sedation medications during terminal hospitalizations in the United States, 2007-2011." J. Pediatr.. 2015;166(3):587-93.e1.
Smith AG, Andrews S, Bratton SL, et al. "Pediatric palliative care and inpatient hospital costs: a longitudinal cohort study." Pediatrics. 2015;135(4):694-700.
Morrison WE, Womer JW, Nathanson PG, et al. "Pediatricians' Experience with Clinical Ethics Consultation: A National Survey." J. Pediatr.. 2015;167(4):919-924.e1.
Feudtner C. "A PIECE OF MY MIND. Love at the End of the Beginning of Life." JAMA. 2015;314(10):1001-2.
Feinstein J, Dai D, Zhong W, Freedman J, Feudtner C. "Potential drug-drug interactions in infant, child, and adolescent patients in children's hospitals." Pediatrics. 2015;135(1):e99-108.
Brown SD, Feudtner C, Truog RD. "Prenatal Decision-Making for Myelomeningocele: Can We Minimize Bias and Variability?" Pediatrics. 2015;136(3):409-11.
Hill DL, Miller VA, Hexem KR, et al. "Problems and hopes perceived by mothers, fathers and physicians of children receiving palliative care." Health Expect. 2015;18(5):1052-65.
Humphrey LM, Hill DL, Carroll KW, Rourke M, Kang TI, Feudtner C. "Psychological Well-Being and Family Environment of Siblings of Children with Life Threatening Illness." J Palliat Med. 2015;18(11):981-4.
Baker JN, Levine DR, Hinds PS, et al. "Research Priorities in Pediatric Palliative Care." J. Pediatr.. 2015;167(2):467-70.e3.
Rubin DM, Kreider AR, Matone M, et al. "Risk for incident diabetes mellitus following initiation of second-generation antipsychotics among Medicaid-enrolled youths." JAMA Pediatr. 2015;169(4):e150285.
Lantos JD, Feudtner C. "SUPPORT and the Ethics of Study Implementation: Lessons for Comparative Effectiveness Research from the Trial of Oxygen Therapy for Premature Babies." Hastings Cent Rep. 2015;45(1):30-40.
Wolfe J, Orellana L, Ullrich C, et al. "Symptoms and Distress in Children With Advanced Cancer: Prospective Patient-Reported Outcomes From the PediQUEST Study." J. Clin. Oncol.. 2015;33(17):1928-35.
Berry JG, Hall M, Cohen E, O'Neill M, Feudtner C. "Ways to Identify Children with Medical Complexity and the Importance of Why." J. Pediatr.. 2015;167(2):229-37.
Palakshappa D, Khan S, Feudtner C, Fiks AG. "Acute Health Care Utilization among Food-insecure Children in Primary Care Practices." J Health Care Poor Underserved. 2016;27(3):1143-58.
Kirch R, Reaman G, Feudtner C, et al. "Advancing a comprehensive cancer care agenda for children and their families: Institute of Medicine Workshop highlights and next steps." CA Cancer J Clin. 2016.
Palakshappa D, Fiks AG, Faerber JA, Feudtner C. "Association between state school nutrition laws and subsequent child obesity." Prev Med. 2016.
Dai D, Feinstein JA, Morrison WE, Zuppa AF, Feudtner C. "Epidemiology of Polypharmacy and Potential Drug-Drug Interactions Among Pediatric Patients in ICUs of U.S. Children's Hospitals." Pediatr Crit Care Med. 2016;17(5):e218-28.
Rosenberg AR, Wolfe J, Wiener L, Lyon M, Feudtner C. "Ethics, Emotions, and the Skills of Talking About Progressing Disease With Terminally Ill Adolescents: A Review." JAMA Pediatr. 2016;170(12):1216-23.
McKlindon D, Jacobson JA, Nathanson P, Walter JK, Lantos JD, Feudtner C. "Ethics Rounds: In the Eye of a Social Media Storm." Pediatrics. 2016.
Nathanson PG, Feudtner C. "Futility and the Alluring Fantasy of Avoiding Conflict." A A Case Rep. 2016;6(7):186-7.
Grimberg A, DiVall SA, Polychronakos C, et al. "Guidelines for Growth Hormone and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Treatment in Children and Adolescents: Growth Hormone Deficiency, Idiopathic Short Stature, and Primary Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Deficiency." Horm Res Paediatr. 2016.
Henry MK, Zonfrillo MR, French B, Song L, Feudtner C, Wood JN. "Hospital Variation in Cervical Spine Imaging of Young Children with Traumatic Brain Injury." Acad Pediatr. 2016.