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See I, Chang J, Gualandi N, et al. "Clinical Correlates of Surveillance Events Detected by National Healthcare Safety Network Pneumonia and Lower Respiratory Infection Definitions-Pennsylvania, 2011-2012." Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 2016:1-7.
Kelly BJ, Lautenbach E, Nachamkin I, et al. "Combined biomarkers discriminate a low likelihood of bacterial infection among surgical intensive care unit patients with suspected sepsis." Diagn. Microbiol. Infect. Dis.. 2016.
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Nayar V, Kennedy A, Pappas JM, et al. "Improving Cardiac Surgical Site Infection Reporting and Prevention By Using Registry Data for Case Ascertainment." Ann. Thorac. Surg.. 2016;101(1):190-9.
Enane LA, Lowenthal ED, Arscott-Mills T, et al. "Loss to follow-up among adolescents with tuberculosis in Gaborone, Botswana." Int. J. Tuberc. Lung Dis.. 2016;20(10):1320-1325.
Miller MW, Ross RK, Voight C, et al. "Patient-generated Digital Images after Pediatric Ambulatory Surgery." Appl Clin Inform. 2016;7(3):646-52.
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Downes KJ, Weiss SL, Gerber JS, et al. "A Pragmatic Biomarker-Driven Algorithm to Guide Antibiotic Use in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: The Optimizing Antibiotic Strategies in Sepsis (OASIS) Study." J Pediatric Infect Dis Soc. 2016.
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Cocoros NM, Kleinman K, Priebe GP, et al. "Ventilator-Associated Events in Neonates and Children--A New Paradigm." Crit. Care Med.. 2016;44(1):14-22.
Fierro JL, Middleton M, Smallwood AN, et al. "Barriers to the Use of PPE to Prevent Pertussis Exposures in a Pediatric Primary Care Network." J Pediatric Infect Dis Soc. 2015;4(1):49-56.
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Cluzet VC, Gerber JS, Nachamkin I, et al. "Duration of Colonization and Determinants of Earlier Clearance of Colonization With Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus." Clin. Infect. Dis.. 2015;60(10):1489-96.
Marsillio LE, Ginsburg SL, Rosenbaum CH, et al. "Hyperglycemia at the Time of Acquiring Central Catheter-Associated Bloodstream Infections Is Associated With Mortality in Critically Ill Children." Pediatr Crit Care Med. 2015;16(7):621-8.
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Calderón TA, Coffin SE, Sammons JS. "Preventing the Spread of Pertussis in Pediatric Healthcare Settings." J Pediatric Infect Dis Soc. 2015;4(3):252-9.
Szymczak JE, Smathers S, Hoegg C, Klieger S, Coffin SE, Sammons JS. "Reasons Why Physicians and Advanced Practice Clinicians Work While Sick: A Mixed-Methods Analysis." JAMA Pediatr. 2015;169(9):815-21.
Vendetti N, Zaoutis TE, Coffin SE, Sammons JShaklee. "Risk Factors for In-Hospital Mortality among a Cohort of Children with Clostridium difficile Infection." Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 2015;36(10):1183-9.
Cluzet VC, Gerber JS, Nachamkin I, et al. "Risk factors for recurrent colonization with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in community-dwelling adults and children." Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 2015;36(7):786-93.
Han JH, Nachamkin I, Coffin SE, et al. "Use of a Combination Biomarker Algorithm To Identify Medical Intensive Care Unit Patients with Suspected Sepsis at Very Low Likelihood of Bacterial Infection." Antimicrob. Agents Chemother.. 2015;59(10):6494-500.