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Tobin JM, Ramos WD, Pu Y, Wernicki PG, Quan L, Rossano JW. "Bystander CPR is Associated with Improved Neurologically Favourable Survival in Cardiac Arrest Following Drowning." Resuscitation. 2017.
Castleberry C, Ziniel S, Almond CS, et al. "Clinical practice patterns are relatively uniform between pediatric heart transplant centers: A survey-based assessment." Pediatr Transplant. 2017.
Tobin JM, Rossano JW, Wernicki PG, Fielding R, Quan L, Markenson D. "Dry Drowning: a Distinction Without a Difference." Resuscitation. 2017.
Yuerek M, Rossano JW. "ECMO in Resuscitation." Int Anesthesiol Clin. 2017;55(3):19-35.
Wittlieb-Weber CA, Rossano JW, Weber DR, et al. "Emergency department utilization in pediatric heart transplant recipients." Pediatr Transplant. 2017.
Rossano JW, Lin KY. "HAART for Kids' Hearts: The Long View." J. Am. Coll. Cardiol.. 2017;70(18):2248-2249.
Chen S, Dykes JC, McElhinney DB, et al. "Haemodynamic profiles of children with end-stage heart failure." Eur. Heart J.. 2017;38(38):2900-2909.
Chu DI, Tan JM, Mattei P, Costarino AT, Rossano JW, Tasian GE. "Mortality and Morbidity after Laparoscopic Surgery in Children with and without Congenital Heart Disease." J. Pediatr.. 2017.
Chu DI, Tan JM, Mattei P, et al. "Outcomes of laparoscopic and open surgery in children with and without congenital heart disease." J. Pediatr. Surg.. 2017;53(10):1980-1988.
Lee TM, Hsu DT, Kantor P, et al. "Pediatric Cardiomyopathies." Circ. Res.. 2017;121(7):855-873.
Savla JJ, Itkin M, Rossano JW, Dori Y. "Post-Operative Chylothorax in Patients With Congenital Heart Disease." J. Am. Coll. Cardiol.. 2017;69(19):2410-2422.
Nandi D, Rossano JW, Wang Y, Jerrell JM. "Risk Factors for Heart Failure and Its Costs Among Children with Complex Congenital Heart Disease in a Medicaid Cohort." Pediatr Cardiol. 2017.
Singh RK, Canter CE, Shi L, et al. "Survival Without Cardiac Transplantation Among Children With Dilated Cardiomyopathy." J. Am. Coll. Cardiol.. 2017;70(21):2663-2673.
Keeshan BC, O'Connor MJ, Lin KY, et al. "Value of a flow cytometry crossmatch in the setting of a negative complement-dependent cytotoxicity crossmatch in heart transplant recipients." Clin Transplant. 2017;31(10).
Broda CR, Cabrera AG, Rossano JW, et al. "Cardiac transplantation in children with Down syndrome, Turner syndrome, and other chromosomal anomalies: A multi-institutional outcomes analysis." J Heart Lung Transplant. 2018;37(6):749-754.
Mejia EJ, O'Connor MJ, Lin KY, et al. "Characteristics and Outcomes of Pediatric Heart Failure-Related Emergency Department Visits in the United States: A Population-Based Study." J Pediatr. 2018;193:114-118.e3.
O'Connor MJ, Glatz AC, Rossano JW, et al. "Cumulative Effect of Preoperative Risk Factors on Mortality after Pediatric Heart Transplantation." Ann. Thorac. Surg.. 2018.
Naim MY, Rossano JW. "Decreasing Neurologic Injury in Children after Hypoxic Injury: Is Transcutaneous Doppler the Way to Go?" Resuscitation. 2018.
Almond CS, Hoen H, Rossano JW, et al. "Development and validation of a major adverse transplant event (MATE) score to predict late graft loss in pediatric heart transplantation." J Heart Lung Transplant. 2018;37(4):441-450.
O'Connor MJ, Miller K, Shaddy RE, et al. "Disopyramide use in infants and children with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy." Cardiol Young. 2018;28(4):530-535.
Butto A, Rossano JW, Nandi D, et al. "Elevated Troponin in the First 72 h of Hospitalization for Pediatric Viral Myocarditis is Associated with ECMO: An Analysis of the PHIS+ Database." Pediatr Cardiol. 2018;39(6):1139-1143.
Edelson JB, Rossano JW, Griffis H, et al. "Emergency Department Visits by Children With Congenital Heart Disease." J. Am. Coll. Cardiol.. 2018;72(15):1817-1825.
Roeleveld PP, Axelrod DM, Klugman D, et al. "Hypoplastic left heart syndrome: from fetus to fontan." Cardiol Young. 2018:1-14.
Burstein DS, Li Y, Getz KD, et al. "Mortality, Resource Utilization And Inpatient Costs Vary Among Pediatric Heart Transplant Indications: A Merged Data Set Analysis From The United Network For Organ Sharing And The Pediatric Health Information Systems (UNOS-PHIS) Databases." J. Card. Fail.. 2018.
Castleberry CD, Jefferies JL, Shi L, et al. "No Obesity Paradox in Pediatric Patients With Dilated Cardiomyopathy." JACC Heart Fail. 2018;6(3):222-230.