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Faerber J, Zhong W, Dai D, et al. "Comparative Safety of Morphine Delivered via Intravenous Route versus Patient-Controlled Analgesia Device for Pediatric Inpatients." J Pain Symptom Manage. 2017.
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Feinstein JA, Feudtner C, Valuck RJ, Kempe A. "The depth, duration, and degree of outpatient pediatric polypharmacy in Colorado fee-for-service Medicaid patients." Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf. 2015;24(10):1049-57.
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Boyden JY, Feudtner C, Deatrick JA, et al. "Developing a family-reported measure of experiences with home-based pediatric palliative and hospice care: a multi-method, multi-stakeholder approach." BMC Palliat Care. 2021;20(1):17.
Bruce CR, Feudtner C, Davis D, Benner MBeth. "Developing, Administering, and Scoring the Healthcare Ethics Consultant Certification Examination." Hastings Cent Rep. 2019;49(5):15-22.
Hill DL, Carroll KW, Snyder K, et al. "Development and pilot testing of a coping kit for parents of hospitalized children." Acad Pediatr. 2018.
Weiss PF, Colbert RA, Xiao R, et al. "Development and retrospective validation of the juvenile spondyloarthritis disease activity index." Arthritis Care Res (Hoboken). 2014;66(12):1775-82.
Wood JN, Fakeye O, Feudtner C, Mondestin V, Localio R, Rubin DM. "Development of guidelines for skeletal survey in young children with fractures." Pediatrics. 2014;134(1):45-53.
Wood JN, Fakeye O, Mondestin V, Rubin DM, Localio R, Feudtner C. "Development of hospital-based guidelines for skeletal survey in young children with bruises." Pediatrics. 2015;135(2):e312-20.