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Donoghue AJ, Myers S, Kerrey B, et al. "Analysis of CPR quality by individual providers in the pediatric emergency department." Resuscitation. 2020;153:37-44.
Kusumi K, Schwaderer AL, Clark C, et al. "Bone mineral density in adolescent urinary stone formers: is sex important?" Urolithiasis. 2020;48(4):329-335.
Muthu N, Ratwani RM. "Catalyzing Pediatric Electronic Health Record Usability and Safety Improvements." Pediatrics. 2020;146(6).
Chung S, Baum CR, Nyquist A-C. "Chemical-Biological Terrorism and Its Impact on Children." Pediatrics. 2020;145(2).
Chung S, Baum CR, Nyquist A-C. "Chemical-Biological Terrorism and Its Impact on Children." Pediatrics. 2020;145(2).
Tirelli F, Xiao R, Brandon TG, Burnham JM, Chang JC, Weiss PF. "Determinants of disease activity change over time in Enthesitis related arthritis: effect of structured outcome monitoring and clinical decision support." Pediatr Rheumatol Online J. 2020;18(1):79.
Ryskina KL, Dynan L, Stein R, Fieldston E, Palakshappa D. "Diagnostic Testing During Pediatric Hospitalizations: The Role of Attending In-House Coverage and Daytime Exposure." Acad Pediatr. 2020;20(4):508-515.
Dupuis R, Kinsey EWhiteman, Spergel JM, et al. "Food Allergy Management at School." J Sch Health. 2020;90(5):395-406.
Pennington JW, Ruth B, Miller JM, et al. "Perspective on the Development of a Large-Scale Clinical Data Repository for Pediatric Hearing Research." Ear Hear. 2020;41(2):231-238.
Amaral S. "Secular Trends in Survival Outcomes of Kidney Transplantation for Children: Is the Future Bright Enough?" Clin J Am Soc Nephrol. 2020;15(3):308-310.
Chuo J, Macy ML, Lorch SA. "Strategies for Evaluating Telehealth." Pediatrics. 2020;146(5).
Mittal V, Hall M, Antoon J, et al. "Trends in Intravenous Magnesium Use and Outcomes for Status Asthmaticus in Children's Hospitals from 2010 to 2017." J Hosp Med. 2020;15(7):403-406.
Aplenc R. "Venetoclax for paediatric acute myeloid leukaemia: a step forward." Lancet Oncol.. 2020;21(4):476-478.
Schechter T, Perez-Albuerne E, Lin TF, et al. "Veno-occlusive disease after high-dose busulfan-melphalan in neuroblastoma." Bone Marrow Transplant. 2020;55(3):531-537.
Howe JL, Reed JL, Adams KT, et al. "Workflow Analysis Driven Recommendations for Integration of Electronically-Enhanced Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening Tools in Pediatric Emergency Departments." J Med Syst. 2020;44(12):206.