Research priorities for a multi-center child abuse pediatrics network - CAPNET.

TitleResearch priorities for a multi-center child abuse pediatrics network - CAPNET.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsLindberg DM, Wood JN, Campbell KA, Scribano PV, Laskey A, Leventhal JM, Pierce MClyde, Runyan DK
JournalChild Abuse Negl
Start Page152
Date Published2017 Mar

Although child maltreatment medical research has benefited from several multi-center studies, the new specialty of child abuse pediatrics has not had a sustainable network capable of pursuing multiple, prospective, clinically-oriented studies. The Child Abuse Pediatrics Network (CAPNET) is a new multi-center research network dedicated to child maltreatment medical research. In order to establish a relevant, practical research agenda, we conducted a modified Delphi process to determine the topic areas with highest priority for such a network. Research questions were solicited from members of the Ray E. Helfer Society and study authors and were sorted into topic areas. These topic areas were rated for priority using iterative rounds of ratings and in-person meetings. The topics rated with the highest priority were missed diagnosis and selected/indicated prevention. This agenda can be used to target future multi-center child maltreatment medical research.

Alternate JournalChild Abuse Negl
PubMed ID28161656