Pearls and Pitfalls in Pediatric Fontan Operation Imaging.

TitlePearls and Pitfalls in Pediatric Fontan Operation Imaging.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsIbe DO, Rapp JB, Whitehead KK, Otero HJ, Smith CL, Fogel MA, Biko DM
JournalSemin Ultrasound CT MR
Date Published2020 Oct

The Fontan operation or the total cavopulmonary connection is a palliative surgery for single ventricle congenital heart disease where the systemic venous return circumvents a pumping chamber and flows directly into the pulmonary circuit. With surgical and medical advances, there has been improvement in life expectancy of these patients, however, it has also resulted in unique complications from the physiology that requires diligent surveillance. A critical component relies on optimal imaging for diagnosis and treatment of these complications. This article describes the normal anatomy of the Fontan circulation, current imaging modalities and techniques, and frequently encountered complications seen when imaging the patients who have undergone Fontan palliation.

Alternate JournalSemin. Ultrasound CT MR
PubMed ID32980091