High Rate of Serotype V Carriage in Pregnant Women in Botswana.

TitleHigh Rate of Serotype V Carriage in Pregnant Women in Botswana.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsA'Hearn-Thomas B, Khatami A, Randis TM, Vurayai M, Mokomane M, Arscott-Mills T, Banda FM, Mazhani T, Lepere T, Gaolebale P, Nchingane S, Chamby A, Gegick M, Suzman E, Steenhoff AP, Ratner AJ
JournalAm J Trop Med Hyg
Date Published2019 Mar 25

Maternal rectovaginal colonization is the major risk factor for early-onset neonatal sepsis due to Group B (GBS), a major cause of early life morbidity and mortality. Transmission generally occurs perinatally from colonized mothers to infants. Vaccines targeting a subset of GBS serotypes are under development, but GBS epidemiology remains poorly understood in many African nations. We performed a cross-sectional study of GBS colonization among pregnant women at two sites in Botswana, a country with minimal prior GBS carriage data. We found a rectovaginal colonization rate of 19%, comparable with studies in other regions; however, we also noted a striking predominance of serotype V (> 45% of strains). Although further studies are required to delineate the burden of invasive GBS disease in Botswana and the generalizability of type V epidemiology, these data provide a useful baseline for understanding the potential local impact of GBS prevention strategies, including vaccines.

Alternate JournalAm. J. Trop. Med. Hyg.
PubMed ID30915949