Contrast reaction training in US radiology residencies: a COARDRI study.

TitleContrast reaction training in US radiology residencies: a COARDRI study.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsLeBedis CA, Rosenkrantz AB, Otero HJ, Decker SJ, Ward RJ
JournalClin Imaging
Date Published2017 May - Jun
KeywordsClinical Competence, Contrast Media, Curriculum, Humans, Internship and Residency, Patient Safety, Radiography, Radiologists, Radiology, Risk Management, Simulation Training, Surveys and Questionnaires, United States

OBJECTIVE: To perform a survey-based assessment of current contrast reaction training in US diagnostic radiology residency programs.

METHODS: An electronic survey was distributed to radiology residency program directors from 9/2015-11/2015.

RESULTS: 25.7% of programs responded. 95.7% of those who responded provide contrast reaction management training. 89.4% provide didactic lectures (occurring yearly in 71.4%). 37.8% provide hands-on simulation training (occurring yearly in 82.3%; attended by both faculty and trainees in 52.9%).

CONCLUSION: Wide variability in contrast reaction education in US diagnostic radiology residency programs reveals an opportunity to develop and implement a national curriculum.

Alternate JournalClin Imaging
PubMed ID28314200