Congenital heart disease: a global public health concern.

TitleCongenital heart disease: a global public health concern.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsRossano JW
JournalLancet Child Adolesc Health
Date Published2020 Jan 21

Congenital heart disease is an important contributor to morbidity and mortality in both children and adults, and large disparities exist throughout the world in access to care and outocomes. Although there have been tremendous advancements in the diagnosis and management of congenital heart disease over the past several decades, much of what is known about congenital heart disease care comes from regions that have a high Socio-demographic Index (SDI). The GBD 2017 Congenital Heart Disease Collaborators' study, as with previous analyses from the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors Study (GBD), provides important epidemiological data, including trends over time, on contributions to global morbidity and mortality.

Alternate JournalLancet Child Adolesc Health
PubMed ID31978370