Characterizing the PrEP Continuum for Black and Latinx Sexual and Gender Minority Youth.

TitleCharacterizing the PrEP Continuum for Black and Latinx Sexual and Gender Minority Youth.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsBonett S, Dowshen N, Bauermeister J, Meanley S, Wirtz AL, Celentano DD, Galai N, Arrington-Sanders R
Corporate AuthorsPUSH Study Group
JournalAIDS Behav
Date Published2021 Sep 21

Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) rollout efforts thus far have inadequately reached young people from underrepresented backgrounds. This study explores PrEP engagement among young Black and Latinx men who have sex with men, transgender women, and gender diverse individuals in three U.S. cities using an adapted PrEP continuum measure. We analyze data from the recruitment phase of an ongoing PrEP engagement intervention (n = 319) using partial proportional odds logistic regression. Participants reported high willingness and intention to use PrEP, yet most (82%) were not currently taking PrEP. Being insured (aOR = 2.95, 95%-CI = 1.60-5.49), having one or more PrEP users in one's sexual network (aOR = 4.19, 95%-CI = 2.61-6.79), and higher individual HIV risk scores (aOR = 1.62, 95%-CI = 1.34-1.97) were each associated with being further along the PrEP continuum. Strategies are needed to address barriers to healthcare access and leverage connections within social and sexual networks in order to bolster PrEP engagement among marginalized young people from diverse backgrounds.

Alternate JournalAIDS Behav
PubMed ID34546472
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