Case based simulation in MRI for suspected appendicitis in children.

TitleCase based simulation in MRI for suspected appendicitis in children.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsOtero HJ, Smitthimedhin A, Wang CC, Heitzmann MD
JournalClin Imaging
Start Page12
Date Published2018 Mar - Apr

PURPOSE: To establish the effect on diagnostic confidence of a simulation setting, in which radiologists re-interpret anonymized pediatric MRI cases.

MATERIALS: In this IRB-approved study, participants completed surveys rating confidence before and after interpreting 10 MRI cases for suspected appendicitis in children.

RESULTS: 18 radiologists (4 faculty, 5 fellows, and 9 residents) correctly identified an average of 7.44 cases (range 5-9). Self-described confidence regarding technique and interpretation increased from 2.0 (SD 0.77) and 2.33 (SD 0.69) to 2.83 (SD 0.71) and 2.94 (SD 0.73), respectively.

CONCLUSION: Simulated interpretation of pediatric MRI in suspected appendicitis results in increased self-describe confidence without requiring additional capital/equipment expenses.

Alternate JournalClin Imaging
PubMed ID28963916