Cancer-Related Decision-Making Among Adolescents, Young Adults, Caregivers, and Oncology Providers.

TitleCancer-Related Decision-Making Among Adolescents, Young Adults, Caregivers, and Oncology Providers.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsDarabos K, Berger AJ, Barakat LP, Schwartz LA
JournalQual Health Res
Date Published2021 Aug 12

Decision-making among adolescents and young adults with cancer (AYA) is often complex, ongoing, and multifaceted, involving caregiver and oncology provider perspectives. Engagement in decision-making against the backdrop of normative developmental processes of acquiring autonomy and gaining independence contributes to the complexity of decision-making. Semi-structured qualitative interviews from 11 AYA and caregiver dyads and eight oncology providers examined decision-making processes with specific attention to the role of shared decision-making, cognitive and emotional processes, and coping with the decision-making experience. Five decision-making patterns were identified, with and most commonly described. Utilizing hypothesis coding, AYA and caregivers explained how cognitive (i.e., pros/cons) and emotional (i.e., shock and fear of missing out) processes influenced cancer-related decisions. Coping strategies provided clarity and respite when engaged in decision-making. Our findings illuminate important implications for how to best support decision-making among AYA and caregivers, including the role oncology providers can play during decision-making.

Alternate JournalQual Health Res
PubMed ID34382889