Lihai Song, MS

Healthcare Analytics Unit

Lihai Song is a member of the Healthcare Analytics Unit (HAU) at the Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness (CPCE) and PolicyLab at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Lihai has expertise in data managment, statistical modelling, and analysis of large databases such as Medicaid, PHIS, Premier, and EPIC.

As a SAS Certified Advanced Programmer, Lihai has extensive experience in data managment, creating reports, and conducting statistical analysis using SAS(PC and UNIX). He also has in-depth programming experience in Matlab, R, S-plus and SQL. Additionally, he has extensive training and experience in clinical trials, bioinformation, and healthcare.

Lihai has worked across multiple projects at CPCE and PolicyLab including but not limited to, Antimicrobial Stewardship (PARTI), Give Teens Vaccines, Variation in Quality of Tonsillectomy Care, Electronic Pediatrics Research in Office Setting (EPROS), Comparative Effectiveness Research through Collaborative Electronic Reporting (CER-Squared) and Education U-Turn.

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