Welcome to the Center for Pediatric Clinical Effectiveness (CPCE)

We are a pediatric research center dedicated to discovering and sharing knowledge about best practices in pediatric care by facilitating, organizing and centralizing the performance of clinical effectiveness research.

What is clinical effectiveness research?

Clinical effectiveness research seeks to answer the question “What works?” in healthcare. As a pediatric research center focused on clinical effectiveness, CPCE aims to discover and implement the best ways to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases in children.

CPCE’s multidisciplinary team conducts pediatric research on a diverse range of clinical effectiveness topics grouped within four areas of research:

  • Healthcare Quality and Process Improvement - Healthcare quality and process improvement research at CPCE aims to increase pediatric clinical effectiveness at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and beyond.
  • Care of Chronically / Seriously Ill or Injured Children - CPCE's research aims to close knowledge gaps and build a scientific foundation for better long-term outcomes for patients with chronic or serious illness or injury.
  • Infectious Diseases/Use of Antibiotics - CPCE's infectious disease experts are focused on establishing evidence-based guidelines for treatment and prevention of common and serious infectious diseases for the pediatric population.
  • Community Health - Community health research at CPCE focuses on preventive healthcare measures, both locally and globally.

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